Día 4 de Noviembre de 2014

To the Great Clans of Rokugan,

Of all the Clans that have existed since the founding of our great Empire, it is the Unicorn who understand change and adaptation the best. We are a clan of wanderers, of explorers, and we spent many centuries of our young life exploring the world beyond the borders of Rokugan. We understand that the unknown brings many questions, but we also know that these questions are not to be feared. They should be asked, certainly, but the answers should not scare anyone. New places, and new experiences, are how we grow as samurai. 

From when we first hold a sword, ride a horse, or take up the calligraphy brush, it is a new experience. Tradition is important, and no one will doubt that Seiken is the embodiment of tradition. But traditions are what keep one from experiencing new things. Shibatsu, who is unique in both his training and approach to being the son of our Divine Empress, understands the balance between tradition and new, unanswered questions and experiences.The Unicorn openly embrace the unknown, the unexplored, and the unanswered, just as Shibatsu-sama does. He also embraces the unique and valuable differences between our clans that both make us strong individually, and strong as an empire as well. He understands that even though the blood in our veins comes from many different places, that we are samurai of Rokugan. We are the defenders of the throne. And the Unicorn are the leaders of the unknown.But make no mistakes. The Unicorn understand and embrace tradition – we are samurai. We are loyal, we are dutiful, and above all, we serve our Divine Empress with unwavering devotion and steadfast will. We embrace our traditions, the traditions of our families, and the traditions that our Kami, Shinjo, put forth both when she was a part of the founding of the Empire and when she left, to explore the unknown. And if the Moto were allies to the Kami, and allies to the throne, then they should above question, just as every other family in the Empire is. We are the Unicorn, and we understand both the importance of tradition and of change. We will never waiver from this, nor will our loyalty to the throne or the people of Rokugan ever change.

Moto Naleesh

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